10 Best Sites To Watch Free Online Movies

More and more people are now using internet for entertainment and when it comes to entertainment then watching free movies online. If you have a fine internet connection then watching movies online could just become much coveted offering to you. There are millions of sites who claim to provide free movies, but only a handful of them do justice to their claims. However we have a lot of research for you in this regard and have come up with this article to provide you 10 Best Websites To Watch Free Online Movies.

1. Hulu: This website has been in the business of online movies/film sharing for long time because people can easily visit the website to watch films faster. The website has high quality multimedia files to watch with uncountable number of them.

2. Surf the Channel: Surf the channel is a website for people looking for video indexes around the world. All the collection of movies to watch on this website is likely to be linked to another websites. You must be prepared for redirection from the website to other movie websites on the internet. Though, many people won’t prefer this option but you can still enjoy some movies on the website without redirection.

3. Desifun.co.uk: This website has majority of its visitors from Asia continent because the content there appeals to the people living around the place.

4. IMDB: Internet Movie Database is a popular website featuring millions of movies worldwide. Recently, new feature that enable live streaming of lengthy movies was implemented on the website. So, you can watch more videos online with good internet connection.

5. Joost: This website also offers movies that you can’t easily get somewhere else on the internet. They have collection of movies on the queue for online viewers.

6. Google Video: Google is very synonymous about everything technology especially when it comes to delivering the best user contents. The Google video database offers videos from all categories with ease in streaming them.

7. Free tube: Just as the name implies, Free Tube offers various movie channels around the world with movies in each categories as well.

8. Youtube: Aside from watching short movies and short video tutorials, you can also watch lengthy video/movies on youtube. This service can be accessed via http://youtube.com/movies and you can select movies from different categories as well as FreeTube.

9. Let Me Watch This: LMWT is the best platform for watching unlimited international movies that appeal to people of the world.

10. Free Movies Theatre: International movie are hosted on this website in large proportion. The website is Great movie and theatre around the world that makes everything easy.

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  1. susan blacker

    i also recommend nosubscriptionrequired.net for all the latest links and new sites

  2. danny
    danny 2014/06/11 at 8:07 PM | | Reply

    good list i found one new website http://www.emooviz.com very good website to watch movies directly

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